Down payment holding you back?

Say no to what’s holding you back and yes to Minnesota Housing Finance Agency’s (MFHA) Down Payment Assistance Program (DPA)!

With MFHA’s DPA:

  • Get up to $18,000 in down payment assistance
  • Qualify for a loan of up to $372,600



More Questions?

This DPA is based on household income.

  • If your household income is $84K or less, you qualify for a deferred assistance of up to $16.5K
  • If your household income is $85K – $170K, you qualify for a second mortgage of $18K

Minimum of $1,000 out of pocket is required.

This is an FHA loan, so condos and townhomes must be FHA approved. Talk to your agent to find out whether a condo or townhome is FHA approved.

Any Questions?

Contact me, and I will usually get back to you right away!



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